#DEAFTALENT® Conscious or Unconscious Bias & Respecting Black Deaf Creators

Topic: Conscious or Unconscious Bias & Respecting Black Deaf Creators  #Accountability #EnoughisEnough Discussion about conscious bias and unconscious bias in the deaf community and calling out Nyle DiMarco, Roselee Gallimore, CSD, DPAN, Melissa Yingst (MelMira), and Convo, regarding my intellectual properties, #DeafTalent® and Deaf Talent®, and a slew of others.  (SEE TRANSCRIPT BELOW.) RESPECT #BIPOCDeafPlatform #SocialJusticeActivist #BlackDeafCreatives #BlackDeafWomen #DeafTalentMedia #DTMEC #DeafTalentCasting #DeafTalentCampaign #BlackDeafEcosystem #CEASEANDDESIST  #IntellectualPropertyLaw #Trademark #WhitePrivilege #consiousbias #unconsciousbias  #antiblack #racism #Racismamongdeafcreators  #dismantlingoppression  #deafecosystemerasesBIPOCcreators SEE TRADEMARK CERTIFICATES DEAF TALENT® MEDIA (DTMEC) Deaf Talent Media & Entertainment Consulting  (FACEBOOK) DEAF TALENT® CASTING https://

Sundance Film Festival 2020

Landed in Salt Lake City! On the way to our hotel at Heber City. Being interviewed at the Filmmaker's Lodge Partying up at the Black House Charles and Stacy King at Macro event. The MICA Scoop Crew and Jade Films Acting School GLAAD Panel and Brunch Black, Queer, and Unapologetic Writers and Creators at the Filmmaker Lodge T Ava's Cherish The Day Panel at The Black House I don't think Sundance accessibility team realizes the  importance of having Black interpreters for Black speakers on their panels.  


“It is more often more important to be ahead of the majority and this means being willing to cut the first furrow in the ground and stand alone for a while if necessary.” - Patsy Mink DEAF BIPOC PLATFORM & ACTIVISTS ARE CHANGING THE GAME Sometimes illustrations help to simply things. Me: #DeafTalent Creator/BIPOC Platform (2012) Deaf coat-tailers: Colonize whitewashers/copycats/white saviors (2015 - now) Me: Trademark #DeafTalent & Deaf Talent Brand builder/Owner (2020-2021) Deaf coat-tailers/entitled without rights (Now) Me: Since they don’t do their own research, they need simple cartoon to get it, ya know? #deaf OR #talent is available to use, not #DeafTalent or Deaf Talent . Create your own #hashtag brand! You got a , use it! Stop riding on someone else’s coattail. Don’t act like an entitled, disrespectful asshole. What is a coat-tailer? Someone who rides off the coat tails of someone else to climb the 'proverbial' ladder - career, social, etc. #BlackDeafWom