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#RESIST THROUGH OUR EYES: Our Rights and Freedom

Hello! My name is Jade, and I am an award-winning Jamaican-American film producer and content creator. I am also an activist who cares about humanity. I produce feature films, write for television, and am the Creator of this new documentary series, # RESIST THROUGH OUR EYES: OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOM ,  where art becomes political. It is impossible to separate the two. This is about human and civil rights issues. Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, we hope you support it. The budget to produce the documentary film is $40,000. On Kickstarter , we set the funding goal to $3000 and will target the Twitter audience. In fact, I raised 60% of the funds through Twitter supporters for my last project,  The Shattered Mind . Let's see if I can meet or surpass this goal!  I was born in the city of Kingston, and I emigrated with my family to the United States in 1971, so you can imagine how producing this documentary would have special meaning for me when conversations turn to the cu