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  DISCLAIMER:  Before you read my personal blog, this is a documentation process of my work. This is my truth. I am passionate about what I do. If this isn't your jam, do not read it. This blog is not about making anyone comfortable or uncomfortable. The passion in my tone comes from a place of growth and the reality that I have experienced and witnessed over the years as a black deaf activist and filmmaker. I refuse to be put in a box when I speak truth to power. Many of us face racism every day. Many activists call out racists everyday.  This includes ableism, sexism, and many other form of isms.  We should never be silenced for expressing our voices. And as a creative writer, writing this blog piece is therapeutical for me. I don't write for New York Times. I write to tell stories.  This is my story. My scribe. My space.  Read at your own discretion.  The Co-option of Deaf Talent® Movement (2012) (Written on November 2, 2020) It all began during the fall of 2011,