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Thank you for dropping by to support a social issue and fundraising cause so we can produce our movie,  "The Double Life of Zhane Rain."  (The title has now   changed to "The Shattered Mind.") Our goal is to spread and increase awareness that we need more Deaf Talents of Color in the mainstream movie industry and in   television. That's why as a writer, I am producing a movie by us and about us because nobody is going to do it for us. We want to attract media attention and let the   world know what we are trying to do. We're very tired of being overlooked and not having our voices heard.    We're planning a movement for change in film and TV by using hashtags support  #POCDEAFTALENT, #DEAFBLACKFILM or #DEAFTALENTOFCOLOR  to spread   awareness and representation about our film, The Double Life of Zhane Rain, written by first Black Deaf Filmmaker, Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan. Her production   company, Jade Films and Entertainment, LLC will be p