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  The 2012 Inception of the DeafTalent ® Movement for movie, The Double Life of Zhane Rain. Deaf Talent ® Movement Timeline Started by Jade Bryan in 2012 via Social Media. Eight Years and Counting! The Co-option of  Deaf Talen®t Movement  (2012) (Written on November 2, 2020) 2012 •The Double Life Staged Reading  • The Double Life Deaf Talent® Movement.  • Pitched a TV Show to BET, Kaomi's Three Charms   2013  •  Begin filming  The Double Life (New title:  The Shattered Mind ) • Developed new script: The Two Essences (For Will Smith Production Company).  2014 • First Sundance Film Festival Trip (Promoted The Shattered Mind)  • Completed The Shattered Mind  • Red Carpet for The Shattered Mind  • Staged Reading: The Two Essences  • Scriptwriting: The Innocent Project  2015 • The Shattered Mind Festival Tour  • Kicked off at Riverside Film Festival  • White Deaf People Co-opted #DeafTalent® Movement  2016 • The Shattered Mind Festival Tour  • Staged Reading: The Innocent Proje