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  The 2012 Inception of the DeafTalent Movement for movie, The Double Life of Zhane Rain. Deaf Talent Movement Timeline Started by Jade Bryan in 2012 via Social Media. Eight Years and Counting! The Co-option of  Deaf Talent Movement  (2012) (Written on November 2, 2020) 2012 •The Double Life Staged Reading  • The Double Life Deaf Talent Movement.  • Pitched a TV Show to BET, Kaomi's Three Charms   2013  •  Begin filming  The Double Life (New title:  The Shattered Mind ) • Developed new script: The Two Essences (For Will Smith Production Company).  2014 • First Sundance Film Festival Trip (Promoted The Shattered Mind)  • Completed The Shattered Mind  • Red Carpet for The Shattered Mind  • Staged Reading: The Two Essences  • Scriptwriting: The Innocent Project  2015 • The Shattered Mind Festival Tour  • Kicked off at Riverside Film Festival  • White Deaf People Co-opted #DeafTalent Movement  2016 • The Shattered Mind Festival Tour  • Staged Reading: The Innocent Project (Th