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Support the future of Deaf African American film and  Deaf Talent (of Color) give the  voice to actors who deserve to be seen film! Greetings, friend! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan. I go by the name Jade. I am an award winning filmmaker who happened to be deaf. I graduated from NYU with a BFA degree in filmmaking. WE WATCH: White Films. Black Films. Gay Films. Hispanic Films. Foreign Films. Children Films. The list goes on. Now, what's wrong with this picture? We're lacking MULTICULTURAL DEAF AND AFRICAN-AMERICAN FILMS within Deaf Culture. Like Black Culture, Gay Culture, Hispanic Culture and the list goes on, we DO have a culture. I launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $8,600 (with the hope to surpass $10,000) for a new screenplay staged reading to develop an urban social issue story to increase conscious awareness about Multicultural Deaf and African Americans. FACT: I do know that many of us desp