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Open the Gates – With more than 31 football fields of show space, CES attendees have to crowd in opening day and walk themselves ragged in hopes of not just seeing all the show but seeing what will win/fail big in the coming year. While a few folks have said CES is on its last leg, we wonder if they were at the same show we were this month.   More than 3,100 exhibitors squeezed into a mere 1.861 million net square feet (31+ football fields) of exhibit space and the show drew more than 153,000 attendees. Below is another video clip in lower quality shot from an iPad,  more appropriate and accessible to the sign language consumers.  CES UNVEILED FOR THE PRESS! Media and analysts line up to enter CES Unveiled, the Official Press Event of the International CES, for pre-show look at new products. Luckily, I didn't have to stand in line! My interpreters were already inside, waiting for me. Delish reception!  Food/beer first! Interview later!  A member of Bo