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Support American Sign Language Black Cinema

DEAF TALENT There is a huge lack of representation of BLACK DEAF PERSPECTIVES in film & TV.  Your donation helps our creative team fund a year of producing three films: "The Shattered Mind", "The Two Essences" and "Kaomi's Three Charms", all created and written by Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan. We're the new VOICE in Independent Filmmaking. Look for our Indiegogo campaign at . "FIRST, we started with a STORY. Yet, we are still being overlooked, marginalized. Then, we started a Support Black Deaf Film Movement. Finally and slowly, they are starting to take note. Now, we are starting an ASL BLACK CINEMA that will center on Black Deaf Perspective through black deaf lens as well as address issues and topics regarding diversity and multicultural perspectives within the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities. Now, you cannot tell me what I don't know or do know. You need to walk in the shoes that I have been walking in