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Sundance Film Festival 2019


Black and Deaf in America

LOGLINE:   BLACK AND DEAF IN AMERICA: OUR LIVES MATTER, TOO is a documentary about various issues regarding deaf (African-Americans) who were impacted by police brutality,   racism, black erasure and oppression in the educational system. We have been meeting and interviewing Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals whose Constitutional Rights have being threatened or violated by some of the executive orders   signed by 45. The film will also discuss the impact that this political climate has on their mental health and well-being when their freedom and rights are being put to the test   whether they're American citizens, registered VISA/Green Card holders or undocumented immigrants living in the USA. As an activist filmmaker, self-care plays a pivotal role of   our lives.Capturing compelling stories told through their lens will not only be historical, educational and therapeutical, it will also improve our world, our minds and our future, and   hope to fortify and unify our divided co