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Haute Contour by Spanx

"I never dreamed visible panty lines and uncomfortable thongs would inspire me to become an inventor." - Sara Blakely SARA BLAKELY, FOUNDER OF SPANX, APPEARED AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY Photos by Steve Martinez Creator/Founder and sharp business woman of SPANX , Sara Blakely, who invented the footless panty hose, is now 7 months pregnant! Many congratulations to Sara on her success, much more and a new baby on the way! Jade, who is also a driven entrepreneur, film/fashion show producer, inventor, gadgets lover, and fashionista admires a good successful story about people like Sara Blakely, a consumer-turned entrepreneur who created products for women. This is a formula one should follow (to not settle for a product that you aren't happy with,) but to improve it or invent better products to satisfy consumers. What an inspiring story by Sara Blakely . Sara was one of the judges for the ABC's hit show American Inventor , where Jade advanced to the top 3 fina

CES at Las Vegas

This campaign video was created solely because we're 30 million strong, very disappointed consumers. HERE'S WHY: A Visual Music Project (VMP) Campaign on a mission to educate those to create access to music videos or live events for deaf and hard of hearing consumers. It begins NOW! We promote equal access through partnership. Enjoy the video in American Sign Language! It's music for everybody. We produced these videos to show the growing needs and the demands for accessibility to music videos and online playback contents. SO, WE DECIDED TO ATTEND CES TO ACT, AND IT'S HAPPENING... ONLY TIME WILL TELL... Check out music videos we can read and relate to: (user name: vestibeats) Jade's appearance on ABC's American Inventor Show! The Inventor Jubil, VMP co-partner and Jade attended CES in Las Vegas, Jan 8-11, 2009. This excited trip was quite a journey for us with a purpose to check out the latest technology and network with gadget idols.