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The Co-option of Deaf Talent® Movement (2012)© 

The  Deaf Talent ®  Movement, founded by the first Black Deaf Filmmaker/Activist,  Jade Bryan  in 2012, is a social and cultural icon centralized on  spreading awareness  about the lack of representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in television and film. However, Black Deaf actors, writers, producers, and Black Deaf stories are the most overlooked in getting recognition in film and television. This movement began on multiple online and real-life platforms, starting with social media. Jade Bryan created a social media platform by using Twitter and Facebook to spread awareness of the need for better representation in television and film before moving her movement to the streets. (See press release from 2012) A close-knit of Black and POC Deaf Activists from the Deaf community and actors cast in Jade Bryan’s film, The Shattered Mind , (formerly known as The Double Life of Zhane Rain ), met up and campaigned in the streets. The movement lasts for several weeks from