Producing the First TV Pilot "The Two Essences" with Deaf Talent of Color!


Help us produce our first season TV pilot about a free-spirited snazzy deaf mother 
and daughter relationships, and pitch it to the networks!

This is an opportunity to increase representation of Deaf Talent of Color in TV. The writer of the pilot is featured in Filmmaker MagazineFilm Threat and AfroPunk! 

 We're using Indiegogo to raise funds to produce our first high quality television pilot, THE TWO ESSENCES, which is a combination of drama and comedy (Dramedy) about a mother and daughter relationships. The production goal for THE TWO ESSENCES is $15,000.

Please donate to support. Check out all the cool perks we have by clicking on the Widget.

ABOUT THE TWO ESSENCES © (Genre: TV Sitcom) Logline: 

Essence Chamberlain-Dubois is a free spirit snazzy 38 year-old self-taught freelance Day Trader and part-time housewife with 3 children decides to go back to school to pursue a degree in business at a black school where her 18 years old self-centered deaf daughter, Zoë Essence, also known as Essie, is also attending.
This is a story about a first and second generations mixed race Deaf and Hearing family that has never been told anywhere before in mainstream television. We hope you will help us raise the funds to produce the pilot in the fall of 2014. 

The purpose of producing a sitcom pilot is our goal to get a TV airtime from one of the networks. We believe it's the best possible way to pitch our story so the networks can see the reality of a finished product because it's never done before! We'd the first to make history!  

Thank you for stopping by! 

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